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Keyword : Scaffolding textbook, and 2006 English Curriculum

Textbook is the primary teaching materials because the most obvious and most common form of material support for language instruction comes through textbook (Brown, 2001:141). “Scaffolding” is the core English material in Junior High School. The book is suggested by government as the compulsory textbook used by junior high school student. Textbook has important role in teaching English. Textbook is needed in teaching and learning process in achieving the goal of the curriculum, so textbook is needed to be analyzed. Based on KTSP English Curriculum, teaching English for Junior High School students are expected to develop their communicative competence in spoken and written of English language to gain functional literacy rate in four skills that are mastered, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The competency standards set out in the form of indicators. Indicator is used as the basis for an activity. This indicator will be matched with activities in the textbook. Thus it can be seen the reflection of indicator toward the activity existed in the textbook. So it can be seen the indicators that appropriate with the activity and the indicators that have no activity.
In collecting the data, the researcher used documentation. There are some steps to analyze the data. They are: deciding to choose the textbook to be analyzed; classify the content of the book; read each instruction to focus in listening, speaking, reading, and writing to understand what activity will be happened; read the syllabus to focus on indicators to understand what activity suggested in it; find out the conformity between indicators stated in syllabus and instruction stated in textbook; and find out the pattern of instruction applied in the textbook.
There are twenty five standard competences in School Base curriculum. It is a guideline to teach student with the certain competency. To make sure that a curriculum can be applied in the teaching and learning process, it needs a textbook. Scaffolding textbook is contained learning activity to increase student’s skill in English subject. The activity in it must be suitable with the curriculum. The School curriculum is reflecting most of the activity in Scaffolding textbook but it still there are some indicators do not exist in student activity.
The conclusion, the activity in Scaffolding textbook is in form of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The most activity is reflecting the indicator of School Base Curriculum but there are some indicators do not have appropriate activity.
So the author has to add the material based on the indicator which is existed in curriculum so that all of the indicator can be reflected completely. The teacher should add additional activity to reach the indicators which have no activity. The next researcher can analyze the pattern of the question stated in this book to map out the kind of question whether it is appropriate or not with the skill which is discussed.

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