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The Effect of Self-directed Learning Strategy in Reading Comprehension at Eleventh Grade of MAN 1Gresik

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Keyword : Reading comprehension, Self-directed learning Strategy

The essential of reading comprehension becomes grounded in strong cognitive skill when itís done early. Thus, reading comprehension skill is used for solving language learning skills at the foundation level. It becomes a challenge when the teacher considers that getting students to read, how designing studentsí reading material and finding suitable reading material are very important. Students have different characteristic and learning style, in this case self-directed learning helps students to choose and decide what they are going to learn and how they learn. Thus, it is very important to gain studentsí independence in every aspect, include studying. This present study took subject from senior high school students which are the most of previous study had the same concern, employed university students. It is hoped that, self-directed learning strategy will be acquired in the lower grade of academic. Thus, from this research, self-directed learner will have much better future whether when students continue in academic or non-academic environment.
This study aims to investigate the significant effect of self-directed learning strategy in reading comprehension between experiment and control group. Quasi experimental design of research was applied due the condition of the subject. This study employed 50 eleventh grade of senior high school students at MAN 1 Gresik. The sample took from XI IPA-1 which consists of 25 students, 21 female and 4 male. Besides, control group was taken from XI BAHASA-1 which consists of 25 students, 4 male and 21 female. The data was collected by using reading comprehension test. After getting the data, the researcher analyzed the data using SPSS 16.00 and used Independent Sample T-test.
The result showed that there was significant difference between experimental group and control group. By the result of sig. (2-tailed) is 0.047. The sig. (2-tailed) is lower than 0.05 (0.047<0.05). so, null hypothesis (Ho) can be rejected. It means that self-directed learning strategy significantly effect on studentsí reading comprehension.

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