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Oleh : NUR LYAS SARI, Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik
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Keyword : computer anxiety

ur Liyas Sari, 02.321.016, The Influence of Computer Anxiety to the Skill of Accountancy Department Studentís in Using Computer, Accountancy, FE-UMG, May, 2006.

Information system emphasizes the importance of computerís user for searching the required quality. More and more, successfulness of a professional of depends on the proper application of computer technology. However, it is not all people find out the access easily. Two main obstructions are Computer Anxiety (CAX) and Self-Efficacy (CSE). There is a theory like empirical argument to this claim. Empirical result indicates that the CAX has the negative impact that influences computer application. One of the factors that influence a personís skill in using computer is a phenomenon of Computer Anxiety.
Many research results give the empirical evidence of technological computer role for various business fields. For example Lavonta (1990) observed the ability of computer technology as a means of assist in many techniques of making and audit. In the field of manufacturing, computer application is used to increase productivity and the quality control of the product of researcher Computer-Aided design and computer-integrated manufacturing (Bennet Et al, 1987). Tile research result indicates that the computer technology have been exploited to various business field. The benefit of using computer among other: thrifty, speed, high productivity, and better accuracy of information.
In conclusion, the ability of Accountancy Department students in using computer is very important, and it can be influenced by the attitude of the student his/herself to computer technology. It is the phenomenon of computer anxiety.
The purpose of this research is to give the empirical evidence whether person's dread and anxiety of the information technology, especially computer technology has influence to his/her skill in using computer.
The hypothesis which have been formulated in this research is that it was estimated a student of Accountancy Department with high level of computer anxiety will has low level of skill in using computer.
The tool for analyzing in this research is by using simple model regression with SPSS version 11.0 for Windows. Hypothesis examination is by using test t. It has a level of significance about 5% or 0.05.
This conclusion is based on the result of enumeration indicatino that result of value thitung = -1, 157 with p = 0. 252 while ttable = 2,000 at df = 61. Because thitung > ttable or p > 0,05 so, Ho is accepted and Ho is refused.
It can be concluded that computer anxiety (x) does not really have an influence and has a negative influence to the skill of computer user (y). It is caused by many other factors that may influento the skill of computer's user.

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