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The Implementation Of Performance Assessment In Speaking Class At Seventh Grade Student Of Junior High School At SMP YPI Darussalam Cerme Gresik

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Keyword : Performance Assessment, Speaking

Assessment is vital to the education process. Well-designed assessment procedures are essential to meet the needs of students acquiring English language. Teaching has a great correlation with assessment. Assessment is categorized as a part of teaching. Performance assessment is one of assessment type used in teaching learning English which is belongs to authentic assessment. Performance assessment used to gain a complete description towards what students know and are able to do. Performance assessment provides a direct impact not only on increasing the quality of teaching but also on teachers and students quality.
Research design of this study is Qualitative Research. Subject of this study are the teacher and the seventh grade students of SMP YPI Darussalam Cerme. In investigating performance assessment, the researcher uses the framework of performanced-assessment model by McTighe & Ferrara (1994). They classified the steps of performance assessment into selected respond items, constructed response, products, performances, and process-focused. Also, the teacher gain some information related to the implementation of performance assessment by conducting interview to the teachers.Also, assessment criteria needed to assess how well students perform certain tasks given to them. Scoring rubric in the context of a speaking test was rated on five constructs such as, product, fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, form sentences, and process. Furthermore, giving feedback is also important in the implementation of performance assessment. The effective feedback will provide the opportunity for students to realize where they have done well and indicate what they could improve on.
Finally, the researcher gives recommendation for education practitioners to pay attention on the brighter sides of performance assessment and apply the abundant practice for learners so that they have an enhanced learning real. For teachers, research suggests to consider the issue of time in implementing performance assessment. Also, the researcher suggests other researchers to use this study as their reference in conducting research related to performance assessment.

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