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The Implementation of Teaching Writing Using Chain Story at Junior High School in Gresik

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Oleh : Muchammad Fariz Arya Wiraguna Kawal Negara
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Keyword : Implementation, Teaching writing, Chain story

Writing is one of the important skills in teaching English because it is needed to academic purpose. In writing, students must make a text or story with some components of writing, such a grammar, vocabulary, and etc. However, some of students cannot do it in the same time. It causes their difficult to write. In this case, using appropriate teaching method is very important in teaching writing process to giving instruction to the students that aims to increase studentsí ability. For this reason the researcher conducted the research about teaching writing using chain story.
Chain story is writing activity which asks students to take turns in writing sentences until it becomes story or text. The students not only can work interactively in a group but also can support themselves to be more active and learn more about how to write and the teacher is only asking to prepare the topic which will be discussed and responded. This study was descriptive qualitative. The researcher described and analyzed the existing atmosphere during the teaching learning process. The subject of this study was the English teacher and the students in SMP Muhammadiyah 4 Gresik and SMP Islamic Qon Gresik. Moreover, there were two instruments used in this study. They were observation and depth interview.
The result of the study were: asking the students to write a key word based on the topic, writing a sentence which connected with the others, discussing, and evaluating. In the students depth interview gave clear visualization that the students interest and enthusiastic in learning writing by using chain story method.
Based on conclusion, the researcher may give some suggestions to the next researcher hopes that there will be other researchers apply chain story strategy in different skill like speaking. If next researcher wants to continue and develop this study in the same field and skill, it will be better because the researcher realized that this study is far from perfect. While, for the teacher, should apply chain story because could help the students to develop their ideas and improve their writing skill.

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