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Improving Students’ English Vocabulary through The Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Method by Using Language Games as Media at the 1st year of SDIT Al - ’Ibrah Gresik

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In Indonesia, English has been taught as a compulsory subject since the students were in Junior High School until University. It is also taught in some Elementary Schools and Kindergartens in Indonesia as local content from now on. In line with the government’s plan to have nine compulsory studies, it is possible to teach English in elementary school. By applying the foreign language to early level (elementary school students), the students’ language mastery is expected to be satisfactory although it is only in simple English. As far as known by the writer, since English mostly became difficult subject, it handicapped them (students in any level) all the time whenever they do an English test, this condition would certainly affect to their result of study. In teaching a language, a teacher might realize that he could not apply only one or two strategies to all levels. In reverse, he is required to be able to recognize the characters of his students and to select an appropriate strategy to them. It is not something different from teaching English to elementary school students, the teacher is supposed to know that children is so closed with something fun and enjoyable.
Game is a learning concept, liked by children. It is one of parts of Communication Language Teaching. Julia M. Dobson (2005:107) stated “some teachers feel that language games are more appropriate in the manipulative phase than in the communication phase of language learning.”
In the study, the writer has observed by interviewing the teacher and given pretest to the students at SDIT Al - ‘Ibrah. The English teacher of SDIT Al - ‘Ibrah said that she could not reach a target to give five vocabularies every meeting in class. The pretest result showed that more than 50% of the students only got score under Minimal Study Total Standard (SKBM : Standart Ketuntasan Belajar Minimal) that is 75. Why? Based on the my observation, it was caused of teacher centered learning, it meant, teacher taught English by one way, and also the method used was conventional, and also less active student influenced student knowledge. They had knowledge, but they never tried to find it by themselves, and it made them bored when learning.
It became important to innovate and be creative to solve it. So the writer did research and observation about “Improving Students’ English Vocabulary through The Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Method by Using Language Games as Media at the 1st year of SDIT Al - ’Ibrah Gresik.” The method is suitable to help the research, because object of research was children and children like playing and games.

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