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Improving Studentsí Reading Comprehension Using Numbered Heads Together (NHT) Technique At The Tenth Grade Of SMAN I Cerme.

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Keyword : Reading, Numbered Heads Together (NHT) Tecnnique, Narrative text.

Reading was one of four basic skills that must be taught to the senior high school students. This skill was as important as other skills. Based on the preliminary study, the fact that the average score obtained from the pre test was 66,7 and the passing grade (SKM) for English lesson was 75. It means that, the students could not achieve the minimum standard of the school target. In reality, some teachers only taught reading in a monotonous way. It made the teacher must find an interesting way to teach it. In this study, the teacher could use Numbered Heads Together (NHT) technique as alternative technique in teaching reading. The researcher conducted a research in SMAN I Cerme. According to English teacher, she usually taught the students using competitive method. Based on the fact above, the researcher conducted a study of NHT technique to teach reading to the tenth grade of senior high school. This study aimed to describe the improving reading comprehension using NHT technique to the tenth grade of SMAN I Cerme especially narrative text. The design of the study was classroom action research. The researcher played two roles in this research; as a teacher and researcher. During implementing NHT technique in the classroom, the researcher was accompanied by a teacher partner. This research was conducted in one cycle which divided into four main activities; planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The reflection based on the findings during the observation and compared with the criteria of success including; each studentsí score was 75 (passing grade for English lesson) The research findings showed that this technique was effective to teach reading comprehension at the tenth grade of SMAN I Cerme. It was indicated on the studentsí scores of post test in cycle 1. The studentsí average score in pre test was 66,7. The scores improved in post test. The studentsí average score in post test was 72,4.
After analyzing the data, from seven times observations, the researcher concluded that NHT technique could be used to teach reading comprehension to the tenth grade of SMAN I Cerme. By using this technique, students could learn by working in groups. As stated before, NHT technique consisted of four steps namely students number off, teacher asks question, heads together and teacher calls number. In general, the use of NHT technique to teach reading comprehension especially
narrative text in senior high school was quite good. Students appeared more active and cooperative in discussion section. They divided the job to do assignment. Based on the research findings, two suggestions are provided. The first, the English teachers are recommended that NHT technique was a good technique to teach reading comprehension to the students. The second, the next researchers who want to conduct a research using NHT technique are recommended to conduct this research in different areas, levels, and skills.

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