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This study aims to test the relationship between user participate on and user satisfaction in the development of accounting information systems. Research is proving whether there is influence of the participation of the user satisfaction in the process of accounting information systems in hospitals in the area of Gresik, and whether top management support, user-developer communication, and the influence of the user (user influence) moderate the participation of the user satisfaction in the process accounting information system development in hospitals in the area of Gresik. The sample in this study sample of 2 hospitals located in the area of Gresik. Type of data used is the data subject with the help of likert scale and refer to the variables used, processed and analyzed with regression linier. Results of research indicate that the participation, support, top management, the user-developer communication and influence of this has a positive influence on satisfaction in the development of the accounting information system. This result is consistent with previous research conducted by Align (2003). In this third factor also affect the moderation in the level of significane in the development of this system.

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Keyword : motivation, individual mean, social, religion move

The research aimed to analyze the individual and social
aspect from the fact of tionghoa society moved the religion to islam.
The method used was qualitative research, with seventeen
respondents. The data were gained by observation, interview, and
documentated any data related to the problems. The data must be
tested by his legality used these technique: (1) triangulation
methode (2) triangulation the researcher (3) triangulation the
references (4) extended research times. The results showed, that
the motivation tionghoa who moved their religion was On the basis
of looked for the true conviction that could pacify his life, by that as
the excess as a result of this conversion brought the individual
meaning and the social meaning in their society.

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