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Persepsi Mahasiswa Ekonomi Dipandang dari Segi Gender terhadap Etika Bisnis, Akuntansi

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Oleh : Bahtiar Rifa’e, Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (
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Keyword : Gender terhadap Etika Bisnis

Along with development of business these days, many arising negativity symptoms especially in the case of emulation of business for example reaching maximum gain has become a compulsion, so that often permits all ways.
Business world has standart separate morale which its(the marking haves the character of imparsial and looks like game. With existence of same view as that is hence business perpetrator tends to disregards morale dimension and itself business ethics. In profession context in student business area later is expected has role signifikan in operation a company. Purpose of this research is difference of perception between students and Mahasiswi Ekonomi to business ethics.
Hypothesis which researcher formulates in this research is has difference of perception between economic students and coed to business ethics. Analyzer applied is with model Mann-Whitney U-test. with help of SPSS 13.00 for windows. Result of analysis shows value asymp. Sig (2-tailed)/asymptotic significance to test two sides is 0,765 meaning its(the probability value bigger than 0,05 hence there is no reason to refuse H0. or there is no difference of perception between students and coed FE UMG to business ethics.

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