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Developing Vocabulary Test by Using Longtion Autorun for The fifth grade Students of At SD Sidorukun Gresik

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Oleh : Azhar, M. Faisol
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Keyword : vocabulary, longtion autorun program, developing test

In this study, the researcher dealt with the development of English vocabulary test by using longtion autorun program. The subjects in this study were fifth grade students with the total number of 30 students. Most of the students are low in vocabulary. They often get bad scores in vocabulary test and made some mistakes in vocabulary when they do English lesson test. This study was to develop vocabulary test trough longtion autorun to increase studentsí motivation during the test. The researcher took 5TH grade in SDn sidorukun Gresik to try out the test.
The researcher got from two expert that was the first expert validation from English teacher was the test had been appropriate with the syllabus and curriculum for 5th grade students in this school and The result of the second expert validation from the lecturer in university of muhammadiyah gresik said that the test had several errors such as misspelling, grammatical, less picture, and less reading text or give more reading text in vocabulary test because it was using reading skill. The researcher agreed to make the test better and finally the researcher could finish the revision for 5th grade in SD sidorukun.
The researcher gave twice of the try out, the first try out was for thirty students and the second try out was for ten students. The reliability estimation, From the result of the try out showed that 0,64 that meant the vocabulary test was the high reliability.
It might be concluded that the researcherís product was in the form of longtion autorun. This program was completed by words, pictures, and sounds which expected to be able to make the students interested in English test. The researcher decided four topics in developing test, these were transportation, place, food and time. There are 30 questions in this product. The questions are multiple choice and matching test. After doing try out, the researcher interviewed and gave questionner to the students. All of them said that they were very happy, felt easy to understand the test.
Based on the research finding, four suggestions are provided. First, for the teacher, this product could help to provide better technique and new media for giving vocabulary test. Second, for students, it could be fun media whereas hopefully they would not be bored and improve their motivation in learning English. Third for the school is recommended to use for extracurricular activity. The fourth, for the next researcher, it could motivate them to develop test into another media.

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