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SISTEM INFORMASI SIMPAN PINJAM KOPERASI (Studi Kasus Koperasi Pegawai Republik Indonesia (KPRI) “Sumber Rejeki” Duduksampeyan)

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Keyword : System, Information System, Saving And Loan, Analysis, Desain, Database, Visual [of] Basic 6.0.; Application Production, Quality of Process, and Report

Information Technology expanding fast to that way claim [common/ public] khalayak for example governance institutions, banking, organizational body to follow to have to order in completing information system old ones they wear. In This Case Co-Operation Officer Of Republic Of Indonesia ( KPRI) " Source of Portion" Duduksampeyan presumably feel important to correct system which they wear [so that/ to be] can give a accurate information to its member about required [by] co-operation saving and loan datas [is] co-operation member.
In compilation of final duty [of] writer analyse system old ones hereinafter design and new information system mendesain. To analyse writer use book aid " Analysis and of Desain System" masterpiece of Jogiyanto, 1999. While book " SQL Server Visually Basic 6.0 for the Professional of" Paradise masterpiece used to beautify new system application appearance .
With existence of Co-Operation saving and loan information system Officer Of Republic Of Indonesia ( KPRI) " Source of Portion" Duduksampeyan which is just expected can water down performance of[is official member of and can give information to official member and or member requiring information about Co-Operation saving and loan Officer Of Republic Of Indonesia ( KPRI) " Source Of Portion" Duduksampeyan

Deskripsi Alternatif :

Data-Processing [of] production [is] one of [the] factor owning role of vital importance in developing and developing production application. Besides, data processing produce also become matter which [is] very determine in making various production report form, which is on finally will become size measure to assess production process that happened [in] a[n industry of manufaktur service and
Data-Processing [of] [done/conducted] material manually represent a[n less effective and efficient matter, besides nor can guarantee enumeration accuration, pengontrolan of production process that goes on, summarize and yielded report system. Growth of fast information technology enable to [do/conduct] making of application base on computer, so that can give amenity to perpetrator of business [in] industrial area [of] service and manufaktur in managing production data. Software in this research [is] developed Visually Basic 6.0 and data bases management system of Microsoft SQL Server2000.
Test-Drive Software which have [is] known that this program earn [is] easily operated, having selfexplanatory [job/activity] path, providing various facility which [is] very assist work of user in control production. Besides, application produce this also can function as input for the management company for the decision-making processes of

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