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Conformity Analysis of English Textbook “When English Rings a Bell” With Curriculum 2013 Standard

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Keyword : Conformity, Analysis, Textbook, Curriculum 2013

This research aims to analyse the recent implementation of the textbook of curriculum 2013 at seventh grade of junior high school had chance of improvements of achievement in studying English. It makes the implementation of the new curriculum need to control. This analysis shows the conformity of the textbook quality in the aspects of the contents, language and presentation feasibility. Therefore, the aim of this study was to know whether the conformity of English textbook “When English Rings a Bell” with curriculum 2013 standard which that determined by the Ministry of culture and education.
The research design was Descriptive Quantitative. The population research of this study were the students of 7th grade of Junior Highschool. Moreover, in collecting the data, the researcher used two instruments, those are: rubric assessment instrument of English textbook that determined by BSNP as the valid instrumental data sources with standard and basic competence.
The result of the research shows by the researcher in the analysis that most of textbook achieve the minimum score in percentage. It means that generally, they were success in some aspects. In other case, the researcher found some aspects that need improvement, especially in presentation feasibility.
It means that the conformity of the textbook refers to the assessment need improvement in some aspects conformity from assessment aspect of the textbook entitled When English Rings a Bell for seventh grade junior high school. So, it can be interpreted that the conformity of the textbook is 126 total points achieved from 136 total point refer to 34 total aspects should analyse with the percentage 92.6% are conform and 10 points that not achieved with 7.4% need to be improve as determined by the BSNP instruments of the textbook assessment based on the curriculum 2013.
The results of this research by the analysis from the researcher did, it is concluded that the textbook has a good quality refer to the BSNP rubric of the textbook assessment instrument and refer to the standard and basic competence with the aspects of the content feasibility, language feasibility and presentation feasibility. But, it is found that there are some aspects that need improvisation refer to the curriculum 2013 standard.
Finally, the researcher hopes by this finding to the next researcher to make deeper research for the textbook and the instrument and especially hopes for the publisher to release the textbook more relevance and conform with the curriculum 2013. So, the advantage and usage of the textbook gives the best perform in education that held in Indonesia with good control by the Ministry of Education and Culture and related Department.

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